Friday, October 23, 2009

Book: The Girl Who Played With Fire

The Girl Who Played with Fire by Steig Larsson

Summary: After taking a year of traveling and some physical modification, Lisbith Salander returns to Sweden. All the while former lover and partner Mikael Blomkvist is still riding the popularity revolving around his investigative tell all about Wennerström. His Millennium magazine has also agreed to publish a book and report on the Sex Trade in Sweden. An explosive one that will no doubt name names. Also, Lisbeths legal guardian has been looking for payback ever since she blackmailed and humiliated him and he has set it in motion.

It all goes down, of course, to the murder of the two new reporters at Millennium and Lisbeth has been fingered by the cops as the prime suspect. The cops think they have it easy but learn quickly that they don't know who exactly they're dealing with. Doesn't help their are others who are searching for Lisbeth.

As the mystery unravels we learn more about Lisbeths past as her history and family life start coming forward.

Thoughts: Lisbeth Salander is wicked cool.

Faster moving than the previous book with more action.

Still lots going on with gender inequality in Sweden. Which is ironic considering that the late writers common law wife has been denied any of Larssons estate while his brother and father are cashing in. I'm sure he's rolling over in the grave right now. Of course, with her owning the computer with future material I'm sure she'll get a sweet paycheck. or get sued badly...

By the way, the police officer Faste is a complete douchebag.

A lot of supporting characters and that is a bit of a hassle sometimes figuring out whose who. Besides, most of them don't really stand out over the main players.

There's a few big twists. Especially the opening which seems to be one thing and turns out to be another much later on.

I really liked this book. Because Lisbeth is wicked cool.

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