Thursday, June 4, 2009

May 2009 Favorites

It seems every other month is sort of lame.

6. Green Lantern #41-More Orange flavored fun.

5. Justice Society of America #27-Pretty good start to a fill in arc by Jerry Ordway.

4. Tiny Titans #16-Raven is the fastest there is.

3. Runaways #10-Finally... a good Runaways issue. Yay! Its been quite a long time. Really liked the art in the first story by Sara Pichelli who it seems is the new ongoing artist. Good choice Marvel.

2. Wonder Woman #32-Lots of violence. And some crafty Greek gods in there as well.

1. The Great Fables Crossover Parts 4-6-Jack is a jerk. Bigby Wolf is a pretty little girl. Kevin beats his writers block to death. Good times.

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David Bird said...

I think the Fables crossover is one of the best Events in a long time. And that's saying something, given how many Events we've had of late.

I've thought of checking out Tiny Titans, but haven't yet.