Saturday, June 13, 2009

Green Destiny-RIP Misawa

One of the great pro wrestling legends of all time, Mitsuhara Misawa, died in the ring earlier today. Damn... I admit I was never the biggest Misawa fan compared to some of the other legends he has worked with but he was an amazing athlete.

The first time I saw him was a four hour retrospective of his feud with Kawada. I was too, um, into American style wrestling to really get it at the time. It was a simpler style but at the same time more hard hitting. More brutal. I did become more understanding of the style and have sinced enjoyed his matches. I actually own a bootleg copy of dozens of Kawada matches and those ones with Misawa make me wonder what was I thinking so many years ago.

Check the wiki link for mrore on Misawa and here's a few vids. An MV from a famous match with Kawada. Than a long ass but awesome amtch with Kobashi. Misawas the one in green by the way.

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