Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wolverine Film

As expected, the Wolverine movie will have a damn good opening. Of course it is a sequel to a huge franchise. But unlike the latest Fast & Furious, the reviews and word of mouth are bad on this film. Well, mostly. The good reviews seem to strive to find a silver lining in the film or at least went in with low enough expectations that they came back satisfied.

I guess part of me wants this film to fail because Fox has sort of crapped on several franchises based on things I like. I know this one will confirm Fox's decision to move forward with all their prequel ideas. Even if the film suffers a major drop next weekend. Which is pretty likely since the buzz on Star Trek is real good and the previews are just amazing.

Wolverine will make cash but its not going to be the slam dunk film of the summer by a long shot. It doesn't have the reviews, the word of mouth or had the buzz coming in. It'll be a modest hit and Fox will continue to churn out half-assed X-Men related projects to a dwindling audience until they decide to reboot everything. Or, until their option on X-Men and its characters runs out and Marvel Studios decides to eventually reboot it.

As cool as that might be, how the fuck could play Wolverine in the future?

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