Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wolverine Movie Leaked

Yep. A movie I have little care to see, because quite frankly it looks lame, has an unfinished copy floating around online. Now... people bootleg. And in some cases, it sort of saves them money. Have you ever spent on money on a film and walked out disappointed? Of course you have. Like I did with Race to Witch Mountain. You know, if I had seen a bootleg of that, I would've saved my self 6 dollars plus the money I spent on snacks because I was hungry and thirsty. A small soda cost over 3 dollars? Lame.

I am not condoning bootlegging. I'm just saying, if I had a choice between a bootleg of Wolverine and seeing the movie... I'd probably rather just watch it at my house. That way I could turn it off if it sucked rather than sitting and watching all the way through because I know the theater wouldn't give me my money back. And if I'm paying to see a movie at a theater, I will watch the whole thing.

That said-I am so hyped for Star Trek the week after. And I will go see Fast & Furious Friday.

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