Monday, April 20, 2009

March Favorites 2009

March Sucked.

5. Jack Kirby's Losers Omnibus-Good, fun, entertaining. Great art. Plus Kirby's drawings of military tanks, weapons, and uniforms used in WWII was a treat.

4. Justice Society of America #25-Getting closer to fixing the Marvel family.

3. Wonder Woman #30-Action, action, action.

2. Jack of Fables Vol. 5: Turning Pages-I hate you Jack Horner. But i can't stop following your adventures.

1. Deadpool Classics Vol. 2-The first volume was filled with blah art and meh stories until the end. This one really kicks off Joe Kelly's run with issue 2 and a couple specials. Good times.

... hold it... did I put a Marvel comic on top?

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