Thursday, February 12, 2009

January Favorites 2009

10. Justice Society of America #23-While I'm not a big Jerry Ordway fan, him drawing some Marvels makes sense. And I do like Marvels.

9. Wonder Woman #28-Action packed issue, though... it moved a little too quieckly. Plus, Lopretsi doesn't quite sale that armor.

8. Green Lantern #37-More Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green Lantern fun. With a nice end twist.

7. Fables #80-Things suck for our Fables.

6. Tiny Titans #12-Faces of Mischief issue! The Finals Crisis! Aw yeah...

5. I Kill Giants #7-The final, epic installment of the mini about a girl who kills giants is sad, touching, and brilliant.

4. S-A Vol. 8-Fun, fun, fun with Sakura chasing Jun, drunk Hanazono and more.

3. Skip Beat Vol. 16-Fuwa wants her. Ren wants her. Kyokos quite a popular girl with the biggest stars in Japan.

2. Nana Vol. 14-Gasp... #2? Yep and speaking of two, there are two Misatos! With the same last name! Shenanigans? Yasu and Miu get closer. Takumis a prick. Ren and Reira get snapped by the paps. Ugh oh... hows Nana going to feel about that?

1. High School Debut Vol. 7-My fav volume thus far has a rgeat cover plus a sexy moment between Haruna and Asa. Good times. Plus Haruna is a little worried about the freshmen girls reaction to her popular boyfriend.

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