Sunday, January 18, 2009

Death of the Direct Market?

As you may be aware, the closest comic shop to me has closed(though I heard rumors of a future reopening) and I have decided all online sales. Now word is coming through of Diamond Comics minimum sales order being raised. "Books not expected to reach $2,500 in retail orders (that's copies x cover price) will be far less likely to be relisted in Previews," Diamond's monthly catalog.

This will of course hurt smaller publishers and continue Marvel and DCs dominance of the market which will eventually implode on itself when people wake up and realize buying twenty to thirty superhero titles a month plus a dozen trades is a waste of cash. It took me a while. Now I actually have money in the bank and money in my pocket.

I don't know how this will effect manga sales as those books sale better at book stores and online. Which is fine by me anyway.

Also their eliminating their Adult Previews and offering it as a PDF file. I wonder how that will work? I guess my Mail Order Comics site will just get the info and put it up. Hmmm...

I learned about this here.

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David Bird said...

Actually, its 2500 wholesale, which means sales of about twice that retail.