Tuesday, December 9, 2008

November 2009 Favorites

9. Madame Xanadu #6-Xanadu meets death. All kinds of good stuff.

8. Wet Moon Vol. 4: Drowned In Evil-Least fav of the series. Still, good stuff. Though a bit weird with the vigilante running around.

7. Young Liars #9-Danny's life sucks. So does Sadies.

6. Wonder Woman #26-The Greek Gods return! Director Steel is a jerk! Genocide(?) whups on Diana!

5. Batman #681-Not the grand finale it should've been. But damn fun.

4. Justice League International Vol. 3-Collecting the Lord Manga Khan arc. Bwa ha has all around. Never read the full story and I feel like a better now that I have.

3. I Kill Giants #5-The titan appears!

2. Skip Beat Vol. 15-My newest manga obsession. This si a series about Kyoko who follows her childhood friend(and crush) to Tokyo so he can be a big star. Once he starts to achieve this, he casts her aside. She vows revenge by entering the entertainment industry. Now he's a big singer and she's a buzz about actress. Oh yeah... and I didn't even really get into this volume.

1. Nana Vol. 13-There's a party. Nobu gets a girlfriend. Plus some family time. Oh yea, wonderful stuff.

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