Thursday, September 11, 2008

August Favorites 2008

10. Teen Titans #62-Just cause you don't like it and I do.

9. Justice League International Vol. 2-My fav version of the League but a low spot because I have most this issues minus the Annual and the second part of the Suicide Squad crossover. What also brings it down is the fact that, yet again, I have two issues of DC's Millennium crossover which I just ignore for the most part because I don't know what the crossover is about.

8. Steel Fist Riku Vol. 1-Much like the other Flex magazine manga I've read, clunky opening and it is filled with a few manga cliches but overall, nice art and fun characters.

7. Runaways #1-Yeah! Runaways! It's entertaining again.

6. Final Crisis #3-I liked it. It was good. The ending had a very cool cliffhanger. Of course we get a second artist on issue four which may effect the series quality.

5. Black Lagoon vol. 1-Kick ass. Even though I've seen most these stories in the anime this book was still very good looking and fun.

4. JLA Deluxe Edition vol. 1-I heard the hype and it was right. Grant Morrison + Justice League = Awesome.

3. Young Liars #6-I keep saying "How can David Lapham get any crazier?" Than i read the newest issue and go "Damn!"

2. Wonder Woman #23-Diana kicks the devils ass!

1. Batman #679-Batman of Zur-En-Arrh takes crap from no one. Especially fan boys who can't understand Batman stories not written by Frank Miller, Chuck Dixon, Denny O'Neil, Steve Englehart, Paul Dini, or Bill Finger. Seriously, if I wanted to read their Batman stories I'd buy their books. I wouldn't buy some other writer trying to emulate their stories.

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