Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Whats Been Up

Okay... I've been a bit quiet here but I have written a couple articles for my friend Pete's site. I've known Pete for quite some time and he is a very outspoken and opinionated person. Check the site out. I'm under guess blogger with articles about the Age Controversy from the Olympics and my lame protest of Fox Movies regarding this problem over Watchman. Lame because I know I'll probably break it.

I should be rewriting and doing a tiny bit of research on my book. But after spending two months actually doing over 200 pages and being the slacker I am, this is boring. The good news is though I have started rereading the book rather than just writing down random notes and tidbits. I'm hoping in a few weeks I can get some feedback from a few people to help me.

I'll skip This Weeks Comix this week. Not because I bought bad comics but because I'll just save my opinions for the ones I like in next weeks(or the second week of September) August Favorites 2008. After I get a package of course and, if Dark Horse doesn't delay their manga, I'll have at least four more comics to check out.

I looked at the newest Previews and Excel Saga vol. 18 is in there. I look forward to December.

Been watching the Dark Knight constantly and rereading Yotsuba&! quite often.

Need to pick up more Black Lagoon DVDs and the next Yuyu Hakusho set. Was surprised to learn the newest He-Man box sets out. I'll get that in October perhaps. I actually want to but more of the Dragon Dynasty stuff. Top priority are Shanghai Express and My Young Auntie. As well as the Invisible Target with Jackie Chans son. Plus Police Story 2.

That's it for now.

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