Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 2008 Favorites

Lets make this quick. Wasn't exactly a great month.

7. I Kill Giants #1-Strange and amusing. I'm looking forward to more.

6. Justice Society of America #17-Damn fine issue all around. Of course, the recent Annual made me scratch my head as to whats going on with PG. I'm starting to think she shouldn't have an origin.

5. Booster Gold One Million-Twists and turns a plenty. Including a return, a confirmation of existence(perhaps) and a couple other nice bits including Batman and something Rip says. Was going to drop the title now Johns and Katz are gone but Jurgans is staying on and since he wrote and drew the original series, I have faith.

4. Wonder Woman #22-Yeah... Diana is bad ass.

3. Batman #678-I don't take drugs and understood what was happening so screw all you naysayers.

2. Water Baby-The Minx book I liked out of the four I bought. Thank you Ross Campbell. Thank you for being awesome.

1. Nana Vol. 11-No surprise here.

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