Sunday, June 1, 2008

Making Cuts To Pull List

Due to the upcoming Trinity, which stars three of my fav superheroes in a monthly title, and this Final Crisis stuff I've decided to cut several titles. Sad because for the most part I'm enjoying most my books. It's coming down to a combination of a)how much do I like the book and b)how much do I like the character(s).

First, the Twelve good but not good enough for me to stick around.

Second, Nightwing. Which I do like but... I'm not as invested in the character.

Third, Hercules which has been real good but like Nightwing I am not as invested in the character.

All Star Superman and Teen Titans Year One are over pretty soon. I'm on the fence about Buffy.

Possibly Robin. The recent issue has me considering sticking with it. The next couple of issues will cement it for me. Teen Titans depends on if Ravager leaves the team. She goes, I go. Also the Runaways relaunch and the new Astonishing X-Men creative team. Love the X-Men so I probably will give that a decent chance to thrill me but with, as I expect, delays it might be a while to decide. The current Runaways arc has been bad but I' it's only been 6 issues long(well, 5 thus far with about five months of delays in between). So I hope Terry Moore and Humberto Ramos, who I like, can save the day.

After that it comes down to how much I like Trinity and the upcoming Madame Xanadu as well as the Final Crisis tie-ins. Trinity's stories are going to be 12 pages each(not counting the back up stories) so I'll give it a few months. Madame Xanadu looks good so a few issues to try. Three, though, since I'm going online subscription I'll get at least six if I don't like it. The FC stuff are mini-series and since I do enjoy Rucka, Morrison and Johns I'll probably stick with them. Except Johns Flash and Legion mini's. I think I'll check out this one shot he's planning.

Than down the line is the new Justice League book. That's... pretty much it. Maybe someday All Star Wonder Woman.

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