Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Man Named Onizuka

I just started hunting down the GTO manga. That's short for Great Teacher Onizuka. I saw the anime, bought it, and started re watching it constantly just recently. It's about a former delinquent turned teacher and his goal... to be the best teacher in Japan. And to look at hot high school girls. It's crazy, over-the-top and funny. But finds himself the homeroom teacher of a feared junior high class of fourteen year olds. So he ahs to work to gain the admiration of his students all while teaching them important life lessons and trying not to get fired for hsi crazy antics. Plus trying to get a girlfriend. The manga... is very much more R-rated. They actually toned down the stories for the anime. I was a bit, not taken back, but a tad shocked on some level.

Tohru Fujisawa is one hell of an artist and his stories are funny and twisted. I like his art on the Rose Hip stuff but GTO was one I wanted to get but didn't really want to start buying a long manga series. But I gave in. I also started buying the manga where Onizuka first appeared, Shonan Junai Gumi. I expected an action comedy about delinquents, instead I got a sex-comedy about delinquents. His style here is more crazy comedy anime with bigger eyes and more stretching faces. But it's a surprise.

have If you never heard of GTO, don't fret. It's popularity here in the states isn't as huge as other anime/manga and probably due to the stories content. Though, the anime series and mangabeen translated into French, Russian, Spanish, German and other countries making it one of the better known Japanese properties internationally. There is also a live action series.

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