Sunday, May 4, 2008

Look For...

My Favorites of April soon. Only two things in the mail and I doubt either of them will be on there. Also... hmm... nothing really.

I've been spending most my time concentrating on some personal writing. Other than that rereading some comics and not paying attention tot he Sailor Moon Season 3 set I ordered.

I just put in my July order but due to being out of town for part of the beginning of August I've decided to pick up the handful of singles I get at the shop. There were only three trades I wanted in July(at least, I know about) so I'll pick those up in person. That's pretty much only Marvel. Yes, I do buy Marvel comics. Ultimate X-Men, Amazing Spider-Man and Dr. Strange trades out that month. I fixed my June list to avoid the July releases. Everything will be in June or August(and September for that deluxe JLA book). My July list only has a handful of trades. Black Lagoon and Dokkoida(I probably spelt that wrong because I always do) as well as Showcase Superman volume 4(yay!) and the killer... Absolute Ronin. I love that book. My second favorite Frank Miller story. I have one Absolute, a gift from a friend. They are nice. Luckily I'm getting it for under 60 bucks. It has a 99 dollar price tag. I also getting Heavy Liquid which is solicited for July but comes out September. However to save money on my end of the month payment I went Amazon so I won't be charged until the book comes out. That one there is around 40 bucks.

That's that

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