Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Did you read One More Day? I didn't read it. So really I have no opinion on the controversial and, damn near unanimously panned, story that effectively ends Mary Jane and Peter Parkers relationship. Effectively might be too strong a word. This is comic books we're talking and most mainstream who are familiar with Spider-Man knows Mary Jane Watson. Still... what do i think about the general idea? I thought it was stupid. I don't dislike the marriage as I really haven't read too many Spider-Man books in the first place.

You see, as a kid, Spidey was the coolest. not because of the comic books, oh no. Because the cartoons and live action series. Because of the action figures. I read a few hear and there. I've read issues where Peter and Mary Jane were married but I was younger and I can't remember any of these stories because most the time when I did get comics, I got X-Men books. Now, years later... I've read bits here and there and thought I grew out of the character. I tried J. Michael Straczynski's first trade and thought it was alright. Tried Brian Bendis' first Ultimate Spider-Man and didn't care for it. Little bits here and there but thought I grew out of the character. That is until I read the Spider-Man Omnibus. Wow... that was good.

But see, the reason I liked that was because it reminded me of why I liked Spider-Man in the first place. Simply because he had a sense of humor and fought cool villains. That said, his relationship with Mary Jane never bothered me. What bothered me was writers making Peter go from a hard luck case to a bad luck case. It use to be "Peter didn't get his bills in on time" or "Aunt May has some medical troubles" but now is "_____ got shot" and "what you once thought was true is a lie!" kind of stories.

When I did read Spider-Man books I always felt fine with her in it. There was a cute moment in Dan Slott and Ty Templetons Spider-Man/Human Torch mini. The little I remember of Maximum Carnage had some good moments between the two. Personally, him being married is fine. He's in his thirties. Mary Jane is hot. Well, the comic one not Kirstin Dunst.

I admit to being a traditionalist but Spider-Mans marriage really didn't effect the quality of the Spider-Man books. Marvel wanting to continuously run Peter through the gutter emotionally and making him depressing effected the quality of the books. Then again, maybe shouldn't give an opinion since I don't read the stories. But every time I read Spidey reviews, and I do, it seems to me the writers are doing the exact thing that turns me off to reading Spider-Man.

Besides, now that he's no longer married whose he going to date? Let's hope they stay away from Liz Allen and Betty Brant. Well, anyway... I'll probably skip this Brand New Day in Spider-Man and keep buying those Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus' when they come out.

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