Monday, December 3, 2007

What Does Mainstream Comics Have Over Indy Titles?

How about better ship dates? I mean, yeah, we complain about lateness but usually there's some there with some sort of explanation. That way we know if we need to give our hopes up. Indy titles? Pffff.

Next Exit, the last SLG title I was buying. I was waiting, several months for issue 11. Guess what? At AX, surprisingly there was an SLG booth, and the guy said "The titles done." Yeah, on a fuckin' cliffhanger. Your Tokyopop book was pretty boring get back to this will you?

Wet Moon vol. 3, apparently has been done for a while but Oni has delayed the book twice. Why? Don't know. Creator Ross Campbell even explain he didn't understand why.

Gunsmith Cats Omnibus Vol. 4, already printed material that needed some translation-oh, wait, you guys already translated it a few years back. Well then, why was it delayed? This of course fucked up an order I made online that had me scratching my head and it turns out there was computer problems, they thought they shipped this, etc. So I'm splitting my anger here but still... already, printed, translated, and why is it delayed? Not even a week, I don't think it even comes out this week. But I shouldn't be surprised, Dark Horse has delayed the majority of the Gunsmith Cats books for weeks at a time.

Get on the ball alternative comic companies. You want people to buy and try new things? Have a system that gets the books out or someone able to explain a shipping date or contact fans explaining what the problems are. Don't have us looking to Amazon or Diamond every week to see whats up. I mean, occasionally DC and Marvel actually update with changes.

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Thanks. At this point I think its been more successful than either of my previous blogs. In the next year I am going to try for more non-comics related content and fewer links.