Friday, December 14, 2007

Anime I've Finished(or am Watching)

PaniPoni Dash-Its about an 11 year old girl whose a super-genius and now teaches high school. A very crazy, wacky, high school comedy. The trailer was funny and the first couple DVDs were fine but its, er, gets just plain odd and weird. There's some character development and actual plotting going on but for the most part strange things just happen. Anti-climatic ending and I wouldn't actually recommend it to people. I thought it was amusing.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya-Its a strange dramadey about an eccentric girl named Haruhi and is told from the POV of her classmate Kyon. Haruhi starts up a club called the SOS Brigade in hopes of finding some sort of fun and fantasy. She unknowingly recruits three different types of agents assigned to watch her. A time traveler, alien cyborg, and ESPer all going to her school. This anime does a great job of balancing straight high school drama with absurd hilarity. They blend in science fiction elements nicely. When I finished watching the last DVD I was angry at how it ended but I found out that day there's a planned second season. Thank goodness. This is definitely a quality anime. Good looking, great characters, lots of fun.

GTO-Former street gang member turned teacher is the central premise behind the hilarious GTO, which stands for Great Teacher Onizuka. Onizuka is tough as nails, a bit strange, fun loving, and has a somewhat perverted mind. Don't be turned off by the little, er, school girl humor this is actually a damn fine anime. A lot of it involves him tyring to make school fun for his students, teach some how to stand up for themselves, and others how they have to grow up. Just lots of fun here. Its far from realistic though so don't expect any of that.

Bleach-Just started watching it and have to say, its good. It's about Ichigo who becomes a replacement Shinigami(death god) for a shinigami named Rukia. This leads into your typical action story like Yuyu Hakuso, Dragonball z and Naruto. Big fights, cool characters, and just dragged out adrenaline building story arcs. Formula that works for me because these are usually better then most action movies or American superhero comics. Recently skipped the large filler storyline though, on my brothers word, to watch the actual arc going on now that's based on the story. Sometimes they license the manga too quickly and get ahead of the original series. Anyway, its a fun action packed show that's apparently on Adult Swim but I don't know if its edited bad or has bad dub but what I've seen, specifically the first 70 something episodes, its pretty awesome.

Welcome to the NHK-Its about a hikkimori, think shut in/recluse, who gets aid from a strange girl he never met but knows a lot about him. This comedy/drama is pretty crazy. The first two volumes are out on DVD and I was definitely signed up after a sneak preview from AX 2007. Anyway, its pretty straight forward, the Hikkimori, named Sato, doesn't like the outside world and believes there's a conspiracy out to get him. His psychotic thoughts and observations is what makes this series so damn funny. Lots of good stuff.

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