Monday, November 12, 2007

Top 10 for October 2007

Honorable Mention: Showcase Presents Teen Titans Vol. 2
The only Titans I really, really like. Sadly Nick Cardy isn’t handling all the art but Neal Adams, Gil Kane and Jim Aparo contribute. Robin, Wonder Girl, Flash, Speedy and Aquaman in crazy adventures. I’m several stories in and Neal Adams stories he wrote and drew are amongst some of the best old school Titans stories. Also Wonder Girl premieres one of her more famous outfits with Gil Kane oat the helm. The Nick Cardy stuff delivers. This is a better volume than the first but damn… more Nick Cardy please. What else did this guy draw? That man was something special.

10. Detective Comics #837

9. Justice Society #10: What’s it say about me when 9-10 are on this list and I only thought they were good? I need new comics. Still, JSA is a good read and I’m interested in seeing where its going but all the Kingdom Come stuff is rather annoying.

8. Green Arrow Year One #6: Hey, maybe not the best GA story but miles better then the last year or so or Judd Winicks run.

7. Runaways #28

6. Green Lantern #24

5. Fables #66: Good Prince heats up a little after the last few issues did little for me. Love the cover.

4. Booster Gold #4

3. Crime Bible 5 Lessons in Blood #1: I don’t care what anyone says, Greg Rucka is the man. I like him better than Ed Brubaker and I overall enjoy him more than most the other grounded writers. I think it comes down to the fact I’m enthralled into the life he puts into his characters. I’ve loved everything he’s done with Renee Montoya and this was a great debut issue. I guess part of the feeling was that, post 52, this comic actually made me feel as happy about DC as I did then. I am probably being a tad bias and it’s not super great but-hey-I was really into this.

2. Checkmate #19: I really think this book gets better and better. More Rucka goodness.

1. Empowered vol. 2: I had volume 1 as an Honorable Mention months back but… I read that volume more times then most books this year and as the months ticked by anticipation for this volume kept shooting up higher and higher. It delivered. More subplots, continuing the tiny subplots from last volume, and the great comedy and characterizations make this my fav book of the month.

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