Saturday, October 6, 2007

Top 10 for Sept. 2007

10. Birds of Prey #110-Tony Bedard continues to fill in for a brief in this fun story about Huntress trying to tackle two crimes and learns a little bit about some of Oracles failed past field agents. The super villain fan cub was nice.

9. Green Lantern #23

8. DMZ #23-The story of DMZs 31 tagger, Decade Later. How he got his name, his message, and how he got caught by the military. My favorite DMZ issue in a while that has a bittersweet ending.

7. Metal Men #2

6. Green Arrow Year One #5

5. Checkmate #18-The first part of Fall of the Wall and its off to a killer start. I never liked Amanda Waller. I hope that bitch goes down but you know how it is with that woman0she doesn’t go down without a fight. Checkmate is one of the best books I’m reading. Just a piece of work.

4. Repo #4-Continues to be awesome.

3. Batman #669

2. Booster Gold #2-My new favorite series hits all the high notes for me in this issue.

1. Excel Saga Vol. 16-You ought to have known this would show up on top. I have the information for my summary already written. Good times. Until than, I moved all my excel Saga information here.

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Lulu--Back in Town said...

Wow, what's going on with Green Arrow? That's a pretty serious cover.

Also, the Batman 669 cover? Seriously creepy. Wow.