Friday, September 28, 2007

Troubles Writing

So last night I tried to do some writing. Starting on an idea for a book. Usually I just write up stories in comic script format. This time, attempted prose. Yeah... I've tried it before but it's just hard to really get the ideas, mood, and feelings expressed in a way that they translate to a reader. As I was writing chapter 1, which I actually finished, I kept triple guessing myself all the way through. I'm starting to wonder about all those professional novelists when they were working on that first book that got them signed. I know Stephen King didn't think much of his story Carrie, having thrown it away initially until urged on by his wife(I think. Been a while since that A&E Bio). Do these novelist write the first few pages and think it's not working and just scrap the idea? Do they rewrite? Or do they just think "Well, it's the first chapter. Just got to make the next chapters better."

I know I'm not the most technically skilled guy but then again, really, there are tons of aspiring writers who are probably technically sound and still can't get a story off the ground. Of course this never relieves any of my own doubts. Maybe it's the material I have planned. Steeping out of my own private comfort zone for something I think is a neat idea but darker material isn't something I do much of for myself. I've done some before but for the last few years its been mostly more "fun" stories. I put that in quotations because it's not like it's all happy go-lucky just not exactly dark from the get go with a bit of the vulgar/perverse. Hmmm...

Well, I'm just going to do some reworking. Got some ideas to improve on the chapter. But I should at least gun through the next few before giving up.

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David Bird said...

I've got complete faith in your storytelling abilities.

Personally, now that I am caught up on other things (blog, PBR, Seven Soldiers) I am going to finish that story I was working on. I hit a wall in trying to start my novel so I got the idea to write stories about the characters. Try to get a handle on them. It was going well, but then my trip came up. Now I up back and ready to start again.