Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Top 10 for June 2007

Honorable Mention: Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 1
A package worthy of the king. Chronological reprinting of Kirby's epic that never got it's due in its time. I read most of these in gray scale but not in order, color, and along with his Jimmy Olsen work. great introduction, afterward and packaging. Volumes 2 and 3 will no doubt start having some of my favorite Fourth World stuff.

10. Justice League of America #10: Squeezing by in a rather dull month on nice art and an out of nowhere ending, at least for me, is JLA #10. This crossover with JSA started well enough then got boring real fast but swung up towards the end. I also actually like the (final)Mike Turner cover with Power Girl, Black Canary and Dreamer. I'm probably the only one.

9. Welcome to Tranquility #7: A strong transition issue. The characters are still reeling over events in the opening arc and new trouble is brewing. Nice back up story.

8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #4: The close of the first arc. Big action and a little set up for future offerings. Becoming really impressed with artist Georges Jeanty.

7. The Spirit #7: A special summer time issue which shows that Spirit has taken up the Axe effect and indeed like the commercials, the women flock to its users. Not much into the Kyle Baker story but the other two were gold. Plus I love me some Jordi Bernet artwork.

6. Repo #1: When did the repo biz become so violent? Oh, yeah, the future. The first issue of this new sci-fi mini from the creators of Teenagers from Mars has gun carrying repo men, neanderthals, clones, evil corporations and police officers willing to fire into unarmed crowds. good wholesome reading.

5. DMZ #20: Haven't been feeling this arc at first but the third part of Friendly Fire just hit the right buttons with me. Matty, along with Zoe, is interviewing people who survived or know people who died in the Day 204 Massacre. That was when military fired into a crowd of protesters believing some were armed. Really depressing and well written issue. Great fill in art too.

4. Fables #62: After buying the latest trade I checked to see how far ahead the series was and realized I could just catch up and BAM! The third part of the Good Prince continues the plotting and scheming between the Fabletown and Homelands as well as focus' on Prince Ambrose, aka Fly Catcher, and his new quest.

3. Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special: Damn... yeah... wow. Everything bad that could happen happens. Great characterizations and awesome art. The best GL story I've read since pre-OYL.

2. Birds of Prey #107: really, how many times can I praise this? The final issue in the arc and the penultimate chapter in Gail Simones run. Beautiful.

1. Detective Comics #833: The only comic Dini should be writing. Guest starring Zatanna and with a huge twist at the end. Nuff said.

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