Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Check Me Out...

Type in "excel hyatt egala" on image search on google and on the second page all the pics are from this blog. Other Excel Saga bits, type in Excel Saga manga in images and an old PBR blog post by me.

Type in Dangerous C on web search and you will see a link that leads to a wrestling music video I uploaded on myspace.

Type westside goth on web search and the first four results all lead to me. Also first from an image search is a pic of me followed by the Guild emblem.

Type my name in, Carl Towns, and a few results down are old reviews from Paperback Reader. Image search goes to an interview with comic writer Jason Burns I did for that site.

Type Groovie Mann, my handle on Newsarama, and a few links down you get a link to this page.

Sadly I'm on page four of links with Ramblings of a Geek typed in and didn't feel like going past looking through 5 pages to find me on another comic geek when it comes to web searches. image searches for Ramblings of a Geek did better.

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