Saturday, June 2, 2007

Comic Book Picks-Entry #1

Lately I' have been discussing things that annoy me,amongst the dealings of the online "comic book community." So today I decided today I'd start a feature. A series of posts about comics I love. I did this once back on Paperback Reader but between my job, reviews, and what not got sidetracked. Since, however, I update this unread blog regularly it shouldn't be a problem doing this at least twice a month. Then again, I've been slacking off with my Evil Music I Enjoy feature. Anyway...

Teenagers From Mars
Rick Spears & Rob G.

My favorite comic book. Why? Cool characters, cool moments, great drama, and a happily ever after that gives me a warm feeling inside. Macon's an aspiring horror cartoonist who sells his horror comic at the local comic shop. After being fired from his retail job, ala Wal-Mart, for refusing to pull the comics off the newsstands he gets into a fist fight with his manager and thrown out. That night he meets up with a punk rock chick named Madison at zombie party and afterwards trash the store. Macon marks it with COMIC BOOK LIBERATION ARMY and from there gets into a world of trouble.

I picked up this comic after a specifically bad day at the job and as such it really fit my mood at the time. Plus it had all the components for a book I like. The touch of Peter Pan elements in the story did nothing but help. The comic book shows a serious love for the medium especially towards the end when Madison and Macon are fleeing the police and mayor. I don't want to give away too much because I'd rather you check it out.

Batman: Year One
Frank Miller & David Mazzuccheli

I don't have to explain this story because the title says it all. So if you're a superhero fan and haven't read this you should. It's required reading. This is definitive Batman and I'd argue better then Frank Millers Dark Knight Returns.

I read this at, I believe, 10 years of age. What an impression. I knew Batman through movies and TV but never really read the comics. Year One and DKR were my first true glimpses of Batman comics. Year One for years was on my short stack of comics getting many a reads through the years. I don't think I've read a comic nearly as much. It never seems to lose its charm. The story of the first year of Batman/Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon in Gotham is a gripping. the art by Mazzuccheli is just perfect.The man is a master of his craft. Plus Richmond Lewis recoloring, once it was first collected back in the '80s, holds up beautifully. It still looks better then many comics of this era.

Buy the 2005 collected edition with a written and drawn afterword by Mazzucchelli who also provides ton of extras. Including step by step process from script to art to color. Various promotional images as well. Only 20 bucks US and 27 Canadian.

Secret Wars
Jim Shooter & Mike Zeck

I like my superheroes heroic, my supervillains dangerous, their battles big, and their world larger then life. My uncles always laugh this one off compared to DCs Crisis On Infinite Earths but I much prefer this wonderful event book. It's just classic superheroes.

The Beyonder summons two teams to battle on an planet he built and the winning team all get their wishes granted. Now add the egos and past history of the characters to one another and you get a good level of drama to add to the suspense. twists, turns, and surprises all packed into 12 great issues with Mike Zeck delivering some great, classic looking, superhero art. it might not be George Perez level art but its damn good.

It's got the cool X-Men, the real Avengers, Spider-Man when he was still interesting, as well as others. The villain side has Dr. Doom and really, that's all you need.This is a blockbuster ride.

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