Thursday, May 10, 2007

Top 10 for April 2007

Honorable Mention: Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus-Still working my way through this massive reprinting but I have to say... it reminds me why Spidey was a long time ago my favorite superhero. Smart, fun, and action packed.

10. Buffy Season 8 #2-While I'd prefer a TV series to a Buffy comic I am still enjoying the first arc of this series. Amy's back tyring to get a bit of revenge on Buffy. The opening few pages with the Slayer training and with Xander and Dawn were the highlights. I like Georges Jeanety on artwork. Good choice for the series.

9. Welcome to Tranquility #5-Things just seem to be getting worst in Tranquility. The mayors done something bad and is looking to cover it up, Mr. A's killer(s) is still on the loose, Leona's boyfriend and his crew trash the hospital tyring to get here. On the plus side max-Man gets his magical word back.

8. Justice League of America #7-Nice, calm issue with the team getting together officially and checking out the new HQ. Great moment with Green Arrow and Hal Jordan/GL explaining why Roys in the JLA and not Ollie himself. The issue ends with a little peak into the future crossover that happens right about...

7. Justice League of America #8-Here. This is where the JLA/JSA crossover which include a certain Legion of Super-Heroes era begins. I've been like JLA more and more and thought this was a fun issue with a few JSA members training with JLA members. All the while Batman and Black Lightning find out trident is actually the Legions Karate Kid. The two teams get together to track all this future heroes stuck in the past. Great two page spread with the teams interacting and I was happy with the splash of Black Canary and Power Girl. Mainly because two of the top DC females are the team leaders of the two biggest teams. nice fill-in art by Shane Davis.

6. Justice Society of America #5-The crossover continues. Batman, Starman(also of the Legion), Geo-Force and sandman go to Arkham while Superman, Cyclone, Star Girl and Red Tornado search for a Legion member at the Fortress of Solitude. nice fill in art on this issue.

5. 52 Week 50-WWIII. Yep, that's pretty much that. Justinano comes on and does a knock out job on art. The stuff with the Great 10 was good. The little Booster Gold piece was funny. The way they stopped Black Adam-genius. I love 52.

4. Detective Comics #831-Harley Quinn's looking to go on the straight and narrow. However her doctors don't think she's ready. Neither does Ventriloquist who springs her for a job. Very fun issue right here. Another top notch production of Paul Dini and Don Kramer.

3. Birds of Prey #105-Thank you Gail for bringing Ice back. The tension builds as Spy master and Manhunter try to exert control over the Birds while Secret Six is coming to rumble. This might be Simones blow off arc and if it is thank you Gail for another great BoP adventure.

2. 52 Week 49-I have a soft spot for this issue. I never read any Metal Men stories before this series and the final chapter in Will Magnus' story makes me hope DC follows up with a series. Will Magnus delivers great lines through out and shows how much of a genius and hero he is.

1. All Star Superman #7-Really, 'nuff said. Okay, I'll say just a tad bit more-I've seen many reviews that both claimed this to be the weakest of the series and still one of the best comics produced today. That's right, when you're weakest issue is still light years ahead of the competition that says something. Plus it has Bizarros.

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