Sunday, May 27, 2007

This Past Week... 5/27/07

EDIT: Post 100! Yay!

Gambit Returns!
Boo. Gambit is one of my least favorite X-Men because he epitomizes a lot of the X-Men's problem. First off he was never really intended to be a long term character and set up as a future villain and Marvel never really followed through with that. Sort of negates all the work that was put into him. It's just a way to keep him as a cool "anti-hero." Plus gambits one of the reasons rogue got neutered as a bad ass female. There was a time when Rogue was one of the most dangerous women in the Marvel U but soon she became almost completely defined by this relationship with Gambit. Oh well... it's comics.

This review of a recent X-Men comic will give you an idea of why I am angry at Marvel right now. Thanks for continuing to screw up one of my fav characters. hell, my favorite Marvel female. In short, her absorbtion powers are more likely to kill.

X-Men Event
So many events, so hard to jump in. I love the X-Men but I don't like what's going on. I might check out this one shot set up to see if I'll invest in the eventual trade. But really, I have very little faith. Incidentally, this looks to be the only title I'm buying in June from Marvel that's not a trade.

Millar & Hitch Preview
Don't know what it is. Liked Ultimates though so I might try it.

DC vs. Marvel
Marvel beat DC again in April. I'm sure many people are bickering about this. The Fallen Son stories and the CW trades definitely knocked DC back. But hey, there's still that 30% difference between the #2 and the #3 company. Guess that makes Dark Horse less the #3 and the top of the Indy's.

NY Times Runs Article On Comics Adopting TV Model
Interesting article.

Science Fiction Book Club Closing?
Apparently some recent dealings with Bookspan, as reported here, looks to lead into this long mail order book service to close. I admit I haven't taken to novels of the last few years but I use to use this service to get novels and graphic novels when I was younger. Kind of sucks to see it go, if it is true that is.

TV Season Comes to an End
I didn't like the Heroes season finale. For 20 odd episodes they made Sylar seem like such a bad ass. Then when the big battle comes... he turns out to be a serial killer and not a super villain. Just didn't feel right. I've had mixed feelings about the show but this ending makes me think i won't be watching it next season.

Veronica Mars finale felt more like a season finale and not a series finale. So unless she's coming back, that was some depressing finale.

Missed Ugly Betty's. Heard it was good.

Pirates 3
I liked it better then the second flick. More action, more fantasy, just larger in spectacle. I might be the only one from the review I heard. Well, no, my brother liked it. That's two of us.

Transformers Preview Looks Good... Finally

Now Lets Look At August Covers!!!

Love this pic, not feeling Countdown quite yet though I don't dislike it. I'm giving it about a dozen issues. Figure, for a slow moving weekly that should be enough. And I like weekly comics.

Love those AH! Catwoman covers. Don't read the book though.

I'm gonna give this book a try. Plus I like Dan Jurgan's art.

Creepy and wrong. 52 was good to me so I'll try this book too.

Part of some Outsiders thing. Just glad to see Joshua Middleton doing something. Great artist.

Love Sam Keith's art, not so much his writing. So I'm skipping this but damn, that's a crazy cool cover.

Like this cover. Tony Bedard's guesting on writing chores until McKeever comes on. He should do a good job. Same art team, excellent.

Second Checkmate trade comes out September(damn advance solicits). Pick it up. It's a very good series. Jeff Smith's Shazam mini and the first Spirit trade

I just like this Brave & the Bold cover.

So Aaron A. ditched Serenity Rose to start nailing out works for DC. I'm down to one SLG title and even that doesn't come out anymore. I'll probably pick this up though. in spite of Mike Carey' messing up X-Men.

I like this cover.

I just wanted to say I dislike Yanick Paquette as an X-Men artist. But Storm, there on the ground, looks good.

I don't follow Capt. America but that's a cool cover.

I don't like DD, but that's a cool cover.

Cover of the year!

Let the outrage begin! Apparently a female manga artist did this cover. As for me personally, I'd prefer female victims I never read in past titles unlike Wing and Knight who i do like. But whatever.

Skottie Young channels some Sam Keith and creates a cool cover.

Looking at what's happening, only two Marvel books and no trades on August solicits for me.


David Bird said...

I hope the SFBC makes the cut. I haven't ordered anything from them in a while, but still.

Lulu--Back in Town said...

I LOVED Pirates 3. I think it's my favorite of all of them.

And I could cite probably 8 fangirls who at least preferred it to the second. So we are not quite alone.

I haven't read any of the bad reviews, just one pretty good one, but I've heard it's been pretty universally bashed. I don't understand. :( It was dramatic! It was spectacular! It was.. I don't know, but I loved it! It was so dark and infectious. I'm actually going to go see it a second time, tomorrow, if all goes well. A friend and I are dragging her man to it, if he can make it into town. (Here's hoping!)