Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I'm watching bad rips of the short-lived Downtown series. An animated series that was nominated for an Emmy that Mtv didn't like enough to keep on a singular night and instead kept switching the times and nights. I use to watch it when I could-hell i taped six of the thirteen episodes when they did a marathon. being Mtv that meant 2 am to 5 am on a Saturday night because they didn't want people watching it. Stupid Mtv, give me a DVD! Same with Daria.

Anyway it's about a group of teens and young adults in NYC. The lead character is a college drop out named Alex whose a geek. His best friend Jen works at a collectibles. Plus Goat whose this weird, sleazy, and a bit paranoid. There's his sister Chaka, Chaka's friends Mecca, Fruity, and Matt. Plus Alex's fantasy girl, a goth chick named Serena. This series was hilarious with a lot of good geek references. Man... I miss this show.

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