Tuesday, April 3, 2007


yeah, i saw it. i didn't like it for the most part. more mediocre then bad, the michaels/cena match was the highlight but it had its share of problems. it didn't "go" at certain points. you know, heighten the excitement in certain areas. cena is athletic and has a great personality but his style is rather dull for us older WWE fans or "smart marks." plus he never really sold his leg being hurt when michaels was working him over.

maybe its all the indy wrestling. incidentally, i received cibernetico forever from chikara the day after. the card was 'meh' for the most part. some fun stuff here and there but the 8 on 8 elimination tag match was damn good. exciting and unpredictable.

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Professor Howdy said...


I may be wrong but awhile back
I was traveling and happen to meet
you while shopping and you mentioned
about your blog. It seemed interesting
to me. I was gone for some time
after that but I finally checked out
your blog and it's just like you said!

Well anyway take care and write
sometime if you ever have time...