Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Sailor Moon Is Hardcore

Now, I grew up as a geek. As such, there was anime around whenever I was hanging out with my uncles Mike and Brian however I didn't catch the anime bug too early. I found things like Dragonball(the original series) and Lensman fun. I wasn't taken by Robotech at first glance as well as other properties. This anime bug didn't bite me until my eyes fell upon a ditsy blond haired girl named Serena on a cartoon one early morning before the job.

I recognized it as Sailor Moon, having seen it advertised once before. It was the episode the introduced Sailor Jupiter into the group as Zoisite was looking for the rainbow jewels to bring together the silver crystal. Yes, an girly cartoon made me a fan of anime.

Now I haven't seen every episode of the series but I have seen most and while some of it seems sillier to me now then it once was I can't help but smile as Usagi(Sailor Moons Japanese name) and her pals Ami/Mercury, Rei/Mars, Makoto/Jupiter, and Minaka/Venus transformed into skimpy colored school girl outfits to battle the Negaverse(I'm sure fans of the uncut series will take offense to me pointing out the English version) with the occasional helping hand of one Mamoru Chiba aka Tuxedo Mask. Something about fun, escapism with storybook happy endings seem to warm my heart and Sailor Moon fills me with joy.

Though I've missed a season, the one before the final storyline, I can easily point and say the first season was my favorite. It focused on the relatively small cast more and had a great build until the finale when Sailor Moon stared down Queen Beryl who helped destroy the Moon kingdom centuries ago. My favorite episode is in this season as well, episode 24 which focus' on Usagis friend Naru and her crush on the villainous Beryl lackey Nephrite who risks his life to save her as his one time associates turn on him. For a cartoon aimed at girls, I was quite impressed with how dark, and yet moving, it could be.

I was first tape recording the series in the mornings as I had to be in school but when i got home I'd play them all. I though the local affiliate station out here really messed up the series. First season, second season about half way through, and then the filler season and almost repeat until an abrupt cancellation. Luckily my uncle kept me in touch with the movies and some of the episodes I missed. Though, watching it now, some of it feels a little cheesy(especially in English, but I think the voice acting's fine, just the dialogue) I still crack a smile in enjoyment.

Now I've got to read a handful of comics, seen most the series and movies, and though I've missed the boat on a few Sailor Moon related things but I can tell you that Sailor Moon has a fan in me.

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