Friday, December 15, 2006

41 Issues & Fantastic Four Gets Good?

Recently I mentioned my preference of New Gods over Fantastic 4, as Kirbys best work. Well, not best, but between the two I like New Gods more. I mentioned that I had read the first forty issues of the classic Lee/Kirby run and someone responded that I stopped too early. Let me get this straight... 41 issues to get to the great stuff?

Now I won't deny that comic teams reach their peak in the middle of their run. But Personally asking someone to stick with a comic a little over three and a half years is really stretching. yeah, I bought them in trade, but will nine issues change my opinion that I dislike the Fantastic 4. Mr. Fantastic bores me. He now annoys me in the Marvel Universe. Human Torch, annoys me. Thing, meh. Invisible Woman, meh? The only issues of the series I truly liked was when Dr. Doom showed up. Well, a few of the Hulk run-ins were good too.

Now, I bought this in trade because, well, their old and actually have the book collecting the classic run but the enthusiasm to try F4 faded away after finding myself fighting through reading the first two essentials. I like Kirbys art but Marvels work then is, arguably, more dated then DCs. Marvel tried to be a little more "of the culture" at the time and it just gnaws away at me.

Sorry, I don't care if the meeting of Galactus, Inhumans, and the Silver Surfer are the pinnacles of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's run, because almost forty issues of comics that does not interest you is not made up for by nine good issues in my opinion.

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