Tuesday, December 19, 2006

10 Weird Things About Me

Well Lauren.. yeah right... we'll see if I make it to ten.

1. Um... when I eat cauliflower I have to mush it down to almost paste. Force of habit.

2. I admit to never noticing when a woman's flirting with me.

3. I have weighed between 120 and 130 pounds since I was in 9th grade.

4. I suffered a concussion once when I was backyard wrestling.

5. I once kissed my buddy Twisto on the forehead.

6. I haven't heard from my (step)father in over a year and I, hate to admit this, don't really care.

Ugh... really, I hate talking about my feelings or even personal secrets so no thanks Lauren, I think I'll just stick to 6. I only would trust certain things with certain people.

Though... peeps.. you can email me questions and I might answer them. Reader mail and all.

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Lulu--Back in Town said...

(Seeing if it'll let me comment from a different browser. . . )

No problem, man, thanks for doing it! 6 is a good number!